Monday, May 21, 2018

Tall Dresser Makeover (with a little something different!)

A few years ago, I purchased this tall Broyhill dresser at a thrift store.  Most recently, we've been using it in the boy's room. It provides great storage and is very well made. When I first saw this dresser, I loved the dental detail at the top and the fun little shape at the bottom, but of course knew it was going to get painted. Once we got it home, I cleaned it up, primed, sanded, and painted it dark gray.  It stayed that color for a while.

More recently, I posted to my FB page about using gold painted animals as knobs for this dresser...well, the "knobs" have been painted and added to this piece finally.

I also repainted the dresser in a lighter gray (a mistake that ended up working out) and sanded to bring the two colors together. I love the unexpected spunk the knobs add as well as the depth the paint colors give it! Plus, the boy loves the animals!  

Here are some recent photos I took...

At first, I wasn't sure if I liked the graininess of the drawers (and really the whole thing) after they were sanded. It's definitely a different look than what I usually go for when painting large pieces like this because normally I paint using one color only. However, I wanted this piece to have some depth and I think blending the darker gray with the lighter gray helped achieve this look. What do you think?

It's definitely different...but it adds some fun to our son's room and for that, we like it!

And some pics of one of my future painters...she wanted to repaint her rocking chair this pretty pink we used here and here.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Gray Painted Desk with Gold Dipped Legs

I mentioned on my FB page that I recently bought this desk not long ago at a thrift store in our area. 

What drew me to this piece when I first saw it were the pulls on the 3 drawers. I thought they were so unique and with a little help they could also be beautiful. So without too much thought, I purchased the desk and quickly brought it home. I began planning how I wanted it to turn out and thought to use some light gray paint we already had stashed in a closet. After painting it light gray, I added some detail on the sides using white marker paint. 
Here is how it turned out once all of that was complete.

It didn't look terrible or anything, but I didn't LOVE it. I had been wanting to paint the lower legs in gold but wasn't sure how I was going to pull that off. That is until my family and I took a trip to Lowe's one day and I bought some gold spray paint.
After some feedback I got on the desk after posting it to FB, I decided to try again and repaint it. This time going with a darker gray and giving part of the legs a bit of gold paint.

Here is this same desk a second time around (sometimes you gotta try again when something doesn't go as planned).

Another close-up look of the gold painted legs...adds a little bit of glam, don't you think?

I simply LOVE how this turned out the second time around and it is now for sale. 
You know it's a good piece when you don't want to part with it! It is currently in the girl's bedroom and we love how it looks in there. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Adding Some Glam/Glitter to Our Girl's Dresser Knobs

Our girls share a bedroom; for a long while we were able to get away with keeping all their clothes in their bedroom closet. When this got too tight last year, we added a tall gray dresser to one side of their room, which worked well until recently.

Well, over time they've grown (shocking) and we noticed that their clothing collection had as well. So in doing what I do best around here, I decided it was time to play musical furniture. 

My husband and I moved this white wooden dresser upstairs a few months ago and I thought I'd try it out in the girl's room. I ended up liking how it looked and decided it was going to stay. The dresser serves a good purpose and gives our girls more space to put their clothes away (who doesn't love more storage?).

However, this dresser has come a long way since we bought it years ago, and I figured it was time to fancy up the knobs a bit with some sparkle. 

On a recent trip to HL with my kids, my girls spotted this beautiful gold and pink card stock.


With a price tag of $2, I decided to buy the card stock to see if we could somehow use it for the knobs. 

My plan was to cut out little circles large enough to fit over the front of the original knobs and use Mod Podge to secure them.

I started by tracing a knob to make 12 circles on the paper and then cut them out. 

Once the card stock was attached, I added more Mod Podge over the glitter paper and let it dry.

Hopefully, they will hold up nicely over time. We shall see! 

Tip: I believe this project would work much better on wooden knobs if you have them. Also, a lighter paper (something not too thick) would adhere better than the paper I used.  

We also bought this gold "Sparkle" sign for a couple bucks to add to their door. :) I mean, why not?! 

I don't know about you, but I love a good before and after here is one from a few years ago.

picture is from the listing when the house was on the market

 Here is where we are today with this space! 

So fun to see the changes over time that we've made in here. :)